V-Lab is at the core of the technical innovation at
Digital Idea

V-Lab aims for Art Directable Research
Formed by a mixture of academic and industry profiles, our mission is to seamlessly integrate
technical innovation into the artist-driven production pipeline of film and digital contents

Developing both core and application-driven world-class research and software that push the
limits and efficiency of the VFX production.

  • Digital Creature

  • Crowd Simulation

  • Computer Graphics

Digital Creature Development
Realistic and vibrant creatures play a key role in the VFX Industry.

V-lab is leading the development of solutions for the creation of high-quality digital creatures at Digital Idea.

  • Digital Creature Demo Reel

  • VFX Plug-in Demo Reel

Crowd Simulation Development
Massive crowds are an essential element of spectacular scenes.

V-lab’s efficient crowd simulation production system
is used to control the mass movement and behavior in detail.

  • Pandora Crowd Simulation

  • Train to Busan Crowd Simulation

Computer Graphics Research
The Digital Idea V-lab is the R&D department of the company
which engages in world-class, cutting-edge computer graphics research.

While demonstrating its capabilities in R&D by participating in both domestic and international academic conferences
and publishing innovative research papers, the V-lab has continuously contributed to the development of national industries
as well through participation in numerous national projects

Research Project
Facial Retargeting with Automatic Range of Motion Alignment
Roger Blanco i Ribera, Eduard Zell, J.P.Lewis, Junyong Noh, and Mario Botsch
Conference : ACM SIGGRAPH, 2017
Journal: ACM Transaction on Graphics, 2017
Sparse Rig Parameter Optimization for Character Animation
Jaewon Song, Roger Blanco i Ribera, Kyungmin Cho, Mi You, J. P. Lewis, Byungkuk Choi, and Junyong Noh
Conference :Eurographics, 2017
Journal: Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 36 (2017), Number 2
Research Papers
Development Project for a deformer-based Skin-muscle driver solution for Digital creatures
Funding :KOCCA
Duration : 2017~present
GIGAKOREA - Hyperrealism Service Development based on 4d Reconstruction and Dynamic Deformation Behavior Model
Funding : Korean Ministry of Science and ICT
Duration : 2017~present
Research Partner
Recruiting Information
V-Lab is open to talented researchers, developers and artists interested in pushing the quality
limits for film and content creation.
V-Lab Profiles
V-lab R&D Researcher 0명
V-lab Technical Director 0명
Position: Researcher
Computer Vision / Computer Graphics master/ Ph.D degree
Experienced C++, Python programming skills
Experience in CG authoring tools (Maya, Motion Builder …)
Experience in Motion capture / facial capture R&D
Position: Technical Director
Expertise in Character setup(Rigging)
Proficient skills in CG authoring Tools (Maya / Motion Builder / …)
Python, MEL, QT UI development
Experience in Python, MEL, QT UI development
Experience in Motion / Facial capture projects、
R&D demo reel, Portfolio
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