• 2016-10-17
    ‘Train to Busan’ wins best director, special effects awards at Sitges

    출처 디지털아이디어

    / 05:21 PM October 16, 2016

    Director Yeon Sang-ho’s “Train to Busan” won awards for best director and best special effects at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain on Saturday.

    The zombie thriller had received the grand prize at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival in July. Opened locally in July, “Train to Busan” was a box office hit and holds the record so far as the ninth best-selling Korean film ever.

    Director Na Hong-jin’s occult horror flick “The Wailing” nabbed the award for best cinematography and the Focus Asia Award, while the Grand Audience Award went to director Park Chan-wook’s erotic thriller “The Handmaiden.”

    Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, one of the world’s foremost festivals specializing in fantasy and horror films, took place in the coastal resort of Sitges in Catalonia, Spain, from Oct. 7-16.

  • 2016-05-23
    Samsung Built a Mini Theme Park With VR Bungee Jumping

    출처 디지털아이디어


    The Galaxy Adventure Park includes virtual sky diving and volcano bungee jumping.

    Samsung just opened their own version of an immersive theme park for music fans attending Lisbon’s Rock in Rio festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world.


    The on-site entertainment experience is being housed in a decently sized multi-story building, designed liked a theme park, with multiple attractions to check out and experience the company’s latest mobile products.

    In what Samsung is calling the Galaxy Adventure Park, experiences include a Gear 360 Sky Diving Selfie station and Gear VR Volcano Bungee simulator.

    Gear VR Volcano Bungee

    The Gear VR bungee jumping ride is what caught our eye first. The experience straps you into a harness and hangs you off the side of the building while you don a Gear VR headset and helmet. As your legs dangle in mid-air, you look down to find yourself hanging over a smoldering volcano, ready to take a leap of faith. An announcer counts down from three and then the bungee gives way. You drop like a rock – so does your stomach – as you bounce towards the hot lava and back up in the air again.


    The whole bungee experience runs barely a minute long, but it’s a ride I am sure fans will love.

    Gear 360 Sky Diving Selfie

    Maybe not as exhilarating as falling into a flaming volcano, this is however the first time we’ve seen Samsung actively promote their Gear 360 camera at a consumer event. You already know how excited we are about this camera, even though it’s still not even available for sale in the US or Europe.


    Samsung decided to forgo a traditional photo booth and utilize the Gear 360 camera, letting you take a virtual sky diving selfie photo with friends. The 360° photo booth has a sky backdrop and tree ground to make it look like you’re a flying superhero. Interestingly enough, the superhero face masks could double as face condoms for keeping things sanitary when wearing communal VR headsets. Also I would love to see Samsung put this in a vertical wind tunnel and really get you soaring – next time.


    The Galaxy Adventure Park is also showing off the Gear VR Roller Coaster, where it made its debut at CES earlier this year to much fanfare.

    If you are at Lisbon’s Rock in Rio festival, the attraction is open for 5 days on May 19th – 20th and May 27th – 29th. The Galaxy Adventure Park also includes a Samsung mobile store, the opportunity to win the latest Samsung mobile devices, along with complimentary pods of smartphone chargers and battery packs across the space.

    And about that VR bungee jump, you can try to experience it yourself through the 360° video Samsung shared on YouTube below.